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I purchased this beautiful set only 2 years when the color started fading in places where we sat and places where we didn't use at all. Never knew this may happen since we owned a lay-Z-boy that never did this and we owned it 10 years. After contacting the store where we purchased it to see what to do, they contacted the company who refused to do anything since it did't happen within a year... Read more

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I bought a sofa a little over 2 years ago. I have had the cushions changed at least twice, a whole cushion w/core replace once, the back cushions refilled and the sofa stil looks like it's something I picked up off a curb somewhere. The fabric has pilled so badly, I have to use a throw to cover it. I am a 66 year old woman with a 10 pound dog. The sofa cost over $2000 and all I want to do now is... Read more

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I bought a Craftmaster Sofa, The pleated skirts were wrinkled severely. It looks like where the backing was glued to the fabric that did this. It was on all the front , side and back skirts. I just got it, Brand NEW. Now they will not replace it. They are making the Dealer come back and pick it up to have it sent back to the factory for repairs, Which will take about 3 wks. So, I am sofaless.... Read more

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I have been shopping for a new sectional this month. The Craftmaster sectional I am replacing is still in great shape--cushions are still comfortable, fabric has worn well, frame is still solid. I hesitate to shop other brands because of the great luck I have had with this particular piece. I would consider a new Craftmaster sectional except I have not been able to find a local store that has... Read more

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i just recently received my craftmaster Sofa and love seat and chair. Love the chair. The stitching on the back of the sofa attaching to the cushions is so misaligned and puckered. I have just begun the process. I was told the pucker could be repaired. I do not want a new sofa with a repair. I was told the other defects were within industry standards. My first experience with Craftmaster has not... Read more

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We are absolutely thrilled with the product of Craftmaster that we purchased. Loved the fabric selections I got to choose from as well as the wonderful quality of the product once I received. The seating is definitely top quality and really comfortable. I loved the paula deen merchandise as well and we are considering purchasing one of those for our den. I love Paula's seat cushions too as they... Read more

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bought two matching chairs and sofa. guts in one chair missing. rose brothers furniture said chairs made in china and company would fix.....have been without chair now for 11 weeks....lies and excuses ongoing....manufacturing is done in china. Add comment

I bought a Craftmaster sofa from Homemakers in DesMoines IowA. When it was delivered I was not happy with the quality of the sewing on the cushions. They looked puckered on the front seam which caused puckering down the front of the cushions. I voiced my concern but was reassured it was probably caused by shipping. When it wasnt better in a month Homemakers sent out someone to look at the... Read more

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Purchased a custom made sofa, chair and ottoman at great expense from Craftmaster Furniture located in Taylorsville, North Carolina. While the fabric was excellent, you could see the staples that attached it to the oak wood around the sofa. The springs in the sofa were broken down in 3 years. I sat down and wrote to the company. I never received any response. Nada. Nothing. Not even a telephone... Read more

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Furniture was purchased in 7/2013. The couch and chair (two different types of upholstery) were both delivered with issues. The couch had a jagged edge hanging from the side and frayed edging. The chair also had a frayed edge on one corner and the skirt material was crooked all around the bottom edge. It took 3 weeks to get both pieces back to CraftMaster and repaired. Customer Service was... Read more

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