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I purchased a leather sofa and chair$4000.00 When I received my sofa, it had a cut all the way across the arm down through the leather.The store I bought it from contacted craftmaster but they refused to do anything about it.

I have owned a furniture store so I knew it was a craft master problem and I hated the store to have to take the loss. The store gave me $200 off of my $4000, whoopee! It's something that an upholsterer can't fix, I had one come look and he also agreed a manufacturer problem. It's been less than a year since I bought the suite.

A beautiful suite but damaged before coming into my house. I always thought craftmaster was a good company when I was in the business. That's why I chose to buy from them, however, I will NEVER be that dumb again and I have certainly spread the word to every person I know that's bought furniture since.

Being I've owned s store I get called for a lot of recommendations on furniture.It would be nice if they decided to back their product instead of turning their backs!!!

Review about: Craftmaster Furniture Sofa.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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I am sorry but I am questioning a good deal of what you said above.I have worked in furniture for a good number of years and a great deal of what you said have nothing to do with Craftmaster as a company.

First the cut down the arm is most likely due to a sloppy delivery team. The furniture comes wrapped in plastic, thus you have to cut it off. From what you have said it sounds like the person who opened it was careless.

Second it appears as if you purchased the furniture from a dishonest company.

They will not take a hit on the cost of the furniture. Craftmaster will send them a new one to replace it. Do things come in damaged from time to time. Yes.

But all companies will replace or credit anything that comes in damaged.The fact that you were left with a damaged sofa is solely due to the fact that the company you purchased from was not a good company and has nothing to do with Craftmaster as a company

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